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We are a small
design studio.

the way

we work leads to surprises,
like edible cups.

Our process, aka the way, is both stepping back from, and toward, a problem in order to best understand it. Sometimes this means generating more questions than originally asked, or, distilling the question down to just a couple of words. Every question is special and gets its own version of the way.

Several years ago we created edible, compostable cups for a Jell-O sculpture competition. The question, "what would be a cool gelatin sculpture?" became many new questions like, "can gelatin be made from non-animal products?" and, "since gelatin dissolves into virtually nothing, can we create something that reduces waste?" Loliware, the product of those questions is now a standalone company.

We’re always on the lookout for new questions to explore, explode, grow, and distill.


Loliware—biodegradable, edible cups with an amazing past and future. Our answer to a call for Jell-O sculptures is now a standalone company.

On busy streets, under
mossy rocks, on date night,

we see

elegant solutions hiding
in funny places.

Research is commonly an activity found on a designer's to-do list. But we at TWWSTW like to see research as being all around us all the time, as a way of life.

We've learned, when we pay attention, that answers to questions can, and will, fall right into our laps. The trick is looking into your lap, or in the case of creating the Blokket, at the table next to us.

There next to us, on date night, was a couple and a smartphone, distracting one person's attention from the other. And trust, as a husband and wife team, we took note. That note along with some other insights became the Blokket, a phone-size pocket made from radio signal blocking material.

As much about the conscious gesture of giving one's attention as it is about cool materials and technology, the Blokket exemplifies what we're capable of when research, insights, and notes are part of our everyday lives.


Blokket—the signal blocking pocket that holds your phone and gives your attention to those you love, or to the task at hand. Limited quantities sold at the MoMA Store and Urban Outfitters.

Our new intern should
live with hope for

the world

so no matter the project
we design with that in mind.

It's easy to overlook the world the way a fish might overlook water. But, designing with a better world in mind isn't only a good thing to do, it can be good for business too.

Take Susty Party for instance, champions of partying hard and saving the earth harder by developing sustainable partyware and running a socially proactive business. Our packaging design, photography, and website refresh helped them up their game, just in time for their appearance on ABC's Shark Tank.

We naturally incorporate earth-friendliness into every project we put our minds to. Our new intern, okay fine–our new baby, Esther gives us even more reason work toward a better future.


Susty Party—purveyor of sustainable partyware was booked for ABC's Shark Tank and needed packaging design, product photography, and a refreshed website—In four weeks.

The Way We See The World Logo


photo by
Ardent Photography

THE WAY WE SEE THE WORLD is a husband and wife design team that combines different passions and expertise.

Ingrid studied product design at Parsons School of Design; her former career as a professional ballerina instilled a love for experience and ritual.

As a graphic designer and illustrator, Brandon brings expertise in form, color, and storytelling. He grew up surrounded by orchards in CA and studied art history at UC Berkeley.

TWWSTW has been featured in The New York Times Magazine, National Geographic, Fast Company, The New Yorker, TIME Magazine, Wired, and The Wall Street Journal.